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Omniweb III Wizard is pure magic. Sometimes referred to as decision trees, Beracha's Wizards magically make the most complex propositions simple so that a decision becomes a "no-brainer".  


First created in the 90's for Fortune 500 companies to capture the experience and genius of seasoned employees on their way out for retirement, Omniweb Wizards captured complex information that assured young twenty-somethings just out of college the wisdom that only experience could provide. They made great decisions using the Wizards because the right decisions had already been made. Standing on the shoulders of a previous generation, the legacy of wisdom continued on well after the retirement of so many great men and women.


When used in sales, Omniweb Wizards help potential buyers understand the value stream of complicated offerings, which offerings are right for them and why their decision is a simple and easy decision to make. Cha-Ching $$ and the buyer who had been previously scared off by their lack of understanding, now suddenly says "sign me up"!


Beracha is releasing the Omniweb III Wizard technology to help donors and constituents assimilate and understand your non-profit value proposition so they will buy-in and relate to your mission and offerings. Wizards lead your potential donors or constituents visually and with simple logic through a series of questions and choices and then matches their needs up with your offerings. The ending result is a full contact decision to become engaged in ways that delight them and your mission.


For mega churches with an overwhelming list of programs designed to meet every need of every family member, it can be very difficult to communicate how your offerings can be of value. Where do we start? How can I fit in? It is too easy to get lost in the crowd and not ever be assimilated. Welcome to a Ministry Wizard that will help guide them from a confused stare into a transformational relationship.


For missions that need engaged donors or new missionaries in the field... How can I fit in? I know I want to but I need guidance. Sure it sounds easy to you, but know that if you don't or can't grab me and reach my heart and mind, I will go somewhere else to give and to serve. Welcome to a Mission Wizard. Take a seemingly overwhelming and complex decision process and help me fall in love with what you do, how you do it and I'll be yours forever because you have connected with my heart and transformed your passion into my passion.


Omniweb III Wizards are great tools for education, recruiting, building programs, volunteers and corporate giving.


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