Dynamic Directive

#1  ~  InFaith Ministries

InFaith is a nondenominational mission that enables called and committed followers of Christ all across this nation to share Jesus by reaching their local communities. Over 160 field staff in thirty-three states serve with purpose and passion, sharing the love and hope of Christ in each diverse community through a variety of ministry methods.


As a part of Beracha’s work with InFaith, Beracha’s Professional Services group met with field staff and leaders from across the nation to help them understand their customers and how to best serve them successfully using IT solutions.


Through surveys, focus groups and meetings, Beracha determined who InFaith’s primary customers were and how best to meet their needs using standards-based IT solutions. After assessing the needs and compiling a list of requirements; Beracha’s Professional services group sought out a significant number of technology vendors. We completed product demonstrations from all and through the process, Beracha narrowed our selection of vendors and product considerations to just five providers. Through Beracha’s proprietary RFQ assessment which includes more than 4,500 questions in 15 categories, as well as, navigating through and reviewing all proposals; Beracha scored all vendor solutions in a way that removed all ambiguity and marketing hype.


The results provided preliminary “Good – Better – Best” solutions which came with total cost of ownership figures amounting to $980,000, $1,200,000 and $1,450,000 respectfully.


Watching the blood drain from the faces of the InFaith Executive Leadership team was unpleasant, but before telling them the price for each solution, we asked them to provide us with their preferred solution if money was not a consideration. They selected the “Better” solution which was $1,200,000. This gave us a basis to address their needs and take the matter to Beracha’s Funding Services.


Beracha’s Professional Services group was able to negotiate with the vendor(s) of choice along with Beracha Funding Services to provide InFaith’s desired IT solutions for just $330,000, a real savings of $870,000.


After a selection was made, Beracha’s Professional Services group provided the strategy, business rules, integration and implementation of the system which impacted and provided for InFaith’s donors, missionaries, board, accounting, donor management and constituent management.


Beracha’s commitment to InFaith’s total satisfaction in Professional Services is more than a marketing quip. Beracha exists to “Serve Those Who Serve”. We do not do what InFaith does, but we partner with them to help InFaith do what they do even better.