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What We Do:

Providing Nonprofits with IT Solutions & Expertise: We just know what we specialize in…Information Technology Infrastructure and that’s IT! Someone else put it this way:

Your back room is somebody else’s front room.  Back rooms by definition will never be able to attract your best.  We converted ours into someone else’s front room and insisted on getting their best.  This is what outsourcing is all about.”     - Jack Welch

At BERACHA, “we don’t do what you do – we help you do what you do even better.”

We’re not arrogant. We’re not over confident. We know our core competencies. We know the same principles that companies which make up Corporate America learned a long time ago in their quest to be more efficient, more effective, more profitable and more valuable to their stockholders and customers... You cannot do it ALL well. Nobody can. You don’t have the skill sets, the manpower, the intellectual property and the core competencies to make IT and Communications a well oiled machine unless your mission is to specialize in IT and communications.

Our experience tells us you don't know the tune that strategic IT and Communications tools can sing when they are generating new revenue streams to your top-line growth. Experience also tells us you don’t know how to tune up your technology systems to save precious time, money and manpower.  

Chances are the only song you know is the dreaded dirge of “IT Gone Wrong” and the sound of weeping from your CFO’s office over an IT budget that pours in good money after bad.

The other part of outsourcing is this: it simply says where the work can be done outside better than it can be done inside, we should do it.”  - Alphonso Jackson

If the description of your organzation's IT and Communications include words like:

  • directionless
  • struggling
  • costly
  • ineffective and
  • out-of-control
 -  OR  -
  • confidence,
  • knowledgeable,
  • inspiring,
  • competent, and
  • strategic

. . .then you need to ask yourself, "Why aren't we partnering with The BERACHA Foundation?"

We help you stretch your IT and Communications budget by working smartly, quickly and efficiently. We provide complete, industry-leading solutions, services and products during every phase of a project and service lifecycle. BERACHA partners with you to develop and implement IT solutions that solve your organization’s challenges.

We know that every organization faces a unique set of challenges, but chances are that we have encountered similar issues in the past. We have developed solutions, products, tools and methodologies for dealing with a wide range of your organization’s requirements.


"Serving Those Who Serve"