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The BERACHA Foundation is an Ohio non-profit organization that specializes in providing information technology services and technical support to churches and organizations worldwide. Our goal to is to "Serve Those Who Serve" by providing quality IT services to non-profits. Our services and software are designed to meet your organization's needs. For every dollar your organization invests in IT today, we supply an average of $3.10 more. This means we turn your $1,000 budget into $4,100 or your $1,000,000 budget into a $4,100,000 IT investment with all the trimmings… professional services, strategy, funding, design, implementation, marketing, support, education and more.

If you are a church looking for a new church website design or an organization looking for advanced software solutions to promote efficiency, Beracha has a solution for you. At Beracha, we don't do what you do - we help you do what you do better.

We are Christian business professionals, entrepreneurs, educators, executives and engineers, but most importantly we are your servants. We believe God has gifted and equipped us to help you achieve your mission and vision like no other. We improve your processes; we save you time, money and manpower; we help enhance your donor base but most importantly, we help you fulfill your mission successfully.


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